Lynton Surveys have been performing 3d Laser Scanning ever since the technology was in its infancy. Now the equipment has advanced with much increased scan times and better accuracy our range of scanners make up an integral part of our surveying arsenal and our clients seem to agree.

3d Scanning has become integrated into our surveying workflow due to the advanced leaps in technology. Our latest instruments can literally capture over 1million points per second meaning that it’s nearly impossible to leave data in the field. Setup times are as quick as conventional surveying but can obtain vast quantities of data in a fraction of the time.

Processing has come a long way too and we have a skilled team that can accurately model up your point cloud data to produce the results you are looking for; whether it be a 2d floor plan, 3d textured model or a fly-by visualisation.

Benefits include:
• Reduce the need for site revisits because of comprehensive datasets
• Reduce the need to get close to the area being surveyed so does not put crews in potentially unsafe situations
• 3d photo-realistic point clouds for superb textured visualisation
• Can be used indoors/outdoors and in extreme environments
• Customisable density of points- can be as detailed as to detect a matchstick in a room (or haystack) or push the point spacing out to produce a more overall picture.

3d Laser scanning can provide superior solutions for:
• Volumes of complex shapes
• Deformation surveys
• Heritage surveys
• Cross section views and “heatmaps”
• “Unroll” or flatten tunnels or buildings
• Clash and fitout investigation
• Asbuilt vs Design analysis

Experts with the following processing software:
• Leica Cyclone
• 3dReshaper
• 12d
• Autodesk Recap
• Cloud Compare

Deliverables include:
• Point clouds formats
• dwg/dxf
• .pdf, 3d pdf, .jpg
• Video/animation fly-by

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