• IDENTIFICATION SURVEYS and reports for property sales. Purpose of this survey is to verify title dimensions and the location of improvements relative to the land boundaries. The survey will also highlight any rights enjoyed by the land and also comment on encroachments and discrepancies in dimensions.
  • BOUNDARY MARK OUTS are an essential survey when erecting a structure or fence on or near the boundary.
  • BOUNDARY REDEFINITION / REINSTATEMENT / CERTIFIED SURVEYS. If differences in boundary dimensions are discovered during the initial survey, or the location of the boundaries is not clear – a plan is prepared redefining the original boundaries of a parcel to show the correct dimensions and area of the land. This plan is examined by the relevant government authority and placed on public record as the correct definition of the property boundaries. Note in New South Wales a plan of definition is required prior to the registration of any Strata development.
  • DELIMITATION SURVEYS are surveys to remove a limitation on a title. Like redefinition surveys the plan is examined by the LPI for registration (NSW only).
  • PRIMARY APPLICATIONS are conversion of old system title to Torrens Title (NSW only)
  • EASEMENT SURVEYS are a survey and plan to define the site of an easement in relation to existing parcel boundaries. Lynton Surveys also prepare the ‘draft’ 88B documentation to accompany the easement plan.
  • MEAN HIGH WATER MARK BOUNDARY DETERMINATIONS are surveys for the definition of tidal boundaries.

Our LEASE SURVEYS include:

  • LEASE OF LAND [SUBDIVISION] The lease of part of a parcel of land for a term of more than 5 years is considered to be a subdivision and will require a plan to be lodged with the Land Title Office for registration. Consent for the subdivision is also required from the relevant Council Authority.
  • LEASE OF PREMISES A survey of tenancies of premises are typically within Retail, Commercial or Industrial premises. The surveys are carried out in accordance with the guidelines shown in The Property Council of Australia ‘Method of Measurement” for Lettable Area.

Lynton Surveys will prepare all lease plans to standards acceptable for annexure to lease documentation for registration with the Land Titles Office.

Other associated services include:

  • ELECTRONIC LODGEMENT of plans and documentation for registration at Lands Title Office.
  • EXPERT WITNESS REPORTS for property boundary legal disputes.

A boundary survey can only be carried out in the respective state jurisdiction by a

Registered Surveyor (NSW)  

Registered Cadastral Surveyor (QLD)

Licensed Surveyor (SA)


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