A high quality control network will

  • Ensure all spatial information collected during a project is accurate whether this be for setout, asbuilts, feature surveys, cadastral surveys etc
  • Give confidence to other users of the control network in the results of their observations i.e users of machine guidance enabled earth moving equipment or other surveyors.

Lynton Surveys can establish or verify control networks

  • Horizontal network will be established/verified with a conventional traversed network or integrated with GPS observations
  • Vertical network will be established/verified with either differential levelling or trigonometric techniques, depending upon your requirements
  • Networks can be established in a Local coordinate system or MGA or both dependent on project requirements.
  • Control networks will be established/verified to the project required specifications, whether this is to the standards outlined in G71 or ICSM Special Publication 2.0
  • Control adjustments or optimisations are carried out using least squares software, CompNET or Fixit.
  • We can also transform between different coordinate systems

To discuss your requirements call 1300 LYNTON or email info@lyntonsurveys.com.au

To discuss your next project call 1300 LYNTON or email info@lyntonsurveys.com.au.